BalancedAg, LLC is an independent sales contractor based in St. Louis, Missouri. It is an authorized dealer of Agri-Gro, Marketing Inc.’s agricultural products. Agrigro Marketing Inc. is over forty years old. It is headquartered in Doniphan, Missouri.

Agri-Gro, Marketing Inc.’s formulations deliver essential plant nutrition by significantly increasing the multitude of beneficial native microbial species already residing in a productive environment. Using natural and organic products they support soil and plant life. They improve the health, strength and nutrition levels of plants.


Through innovative products, FoliarBlend®, IgniteS2®, AgriCal®, SeedMaxx®, IgniteS4®, and organically approved Ultra®, producers around the world are growing higher quality and better yielding crops while lowering their overall production costs and dependence on chemical inputs.



  • Seed safe new application
  • Increases beneficial microbial activity
  • Increases seed germination and emergence
  • Reduces soil pathogens in the rhizosphere
  • Increases availability of in-soil nutrients
  • Improves soil tilth, porosity, and friability
  • Improves water efficiency
  • Improves crop quality and yields


  • Formulated to get crops out of the gate early
  • Powerful nutritional supplement for the normal early spray or in-row starter programs
  • Increases seed emergence and germination
  • Improves availability of applied fertilizers and nutrients
  • Increases beneficial microbial activity in the soil and rhizosphere
  • Increases water utilization efficiency
  • Improves crop quality and yields


  • Designed for rapid absorption through the leaf’s surface
  • Increases beneficial microbial activity up to five thousand percent
  • Supports plant growth and vigor
  • Supports plant and soil health
  • Supports water uptake and absorption
  • Improves nutrient utilization and absorption
  • Increases crop quality and yields


  • Chelated calcium applied as a liquid that is immediately available to the crops
  • Does not have to go through biologic breakdown over months to become soluble and completely available to the crops as does lime
  • First season results
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency when applied with liquid nitrogen
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Increases crop quality and yields


  • Formulated for inoculation on all dry N-P-K fertilizers
  • Significantly improves the uptake and availability of the N-P-K
  • Improves plant growth and health
  • Can be used in both liquid and dry fertilizer blends
  • Few if any issues with mixing, storage, or shelf life
  • Supports beneficial microbial activity that results in better crop production


  • Ultra® is OMRI listed for use in organic crop production
  • Can be used on seeds
  • Can be applied to foliage
  • Can be applied to the soil
  • Increases beneficial microbial activities
  • Accelerates emergence and seed germination
  • Improves plant health
  • Improves crop yields and quality

Tank Mix

Tank mixing the appropriate supplements into your normal spray or in-row starter program has a targeted effect on the soil and plants’ biological system. The effect improves soil structure, promotes healthy soil for better growing conditions, increases fertilizer efficiency, supports vibrant and robust plant growth, and boosts yields.


Excellent Results With
Over Three Hundred Different Crops

Livestock Benefits

NutriZyme® will significantly enhance overall animal health and performance.

Promoting competitive exclusion, this products will dramatically accelerate microbial activity, increasing both the number and diversity of beneficial bacteria in the gut of the animal, as well as the production environment.


Turf Benefits

Use for a fertility program that is a cut above the rest SuperCal® and Turf Formula®. This lineup working together with nature could be just the edge your turf program needs this season.